Haematology section offers complete diagnostic tests required to identify the blood’s component of the patient. The lab is well equipped with latest instruments to deliver accurate findings.
“C.B.C”, “Haemoglobin”, “C.B.C., E.S.R.”, “E.S.R.”, “P.C.V.”, “Complete Haemogram”, “Maleria Parasite”, “G.6.P.D. (Quantitative)”


This section of the Diagnostic Department is well equipped with latest instruments to perform wide range of test required for all patients. List of Tests: “Blood Sugar Fasting”, “Blood Sugar P.P.”, “Blood Sugar Random”, “Serum Cholesterol”, “Serum Triglyserides”, “Direct H.D.L.”, “Direct L.D.L.”, “Serum Bilirubin”, “Serum S.G.P.T.”, “Serum S.G.O.T.”, “Serum Alkaline Phosphatase”, “Serum Proteins”, “Serum Creatinine”, “Blood Urea / Nitrogen”, “Serum Electrolytes”, “Serum Uric Acid”, “Serum Calcium”, “Serum Phosphorus”, “Serum C.P.K. / M.B.”


The Serology section is equipped to detect any type of infection in blood or any other body fluids. List of tests: “Blood Grouping”, “HIV”, “HbsAg”, “HCV”, “V.D.R.L.”, “Widal (Slide)”, “Widal (Tube)”, “R.A. (Quantitative)” , “A.S.O. (Quantitative)”, “C.R.P. (Quantitative)”, “Dengue lgm”, “Dengue lgg”, “Lepto lgm”, “Lepto lgg”, “Trop-T”

Cultures / Sensitivity

This section of the department deals with the detection of any sort of infection that are spreading through a medium. All sorts of test are performed with highest level of accuracy.
“Blood Culture “, “Urine Culture”, “Stool Culture”, “Body Fluid Culture”, “Sputum Culture”, “Sputum AfB Culture”


The Hormone testing performed in this section with modern equipments are “T3T4”, “TSH”, “T3T4TSH”, “Free T4”, “LH”, “FSH”, “Prolactin”, “Testosteron”, “E2 Level”, “IGE Level”, “CEA Level”, “CA 125”, “CA 19.9”, “B-HCG”, “PSA”, “Ferritin”, “Cortisol”, “Insulin Fasting”, “Insulin Post Prandial”, “Insulin Random”

Body Fluids

This section is equipped with the latest technology required for screening of following body fluids.
“C.S.F.”, “Synovial Fluid”, “Pleural Fluid”, “Routine Urine”, “Routine Stool”, “Semen Analysis”

Coagulation & Miscellaneous

The diagnostics can perform following tests with highest accuracy unit. “Pregnancy Test”, “Montoux Test”, “Sputum A.F.B.” ,”Bleeding Time”, “Clotting Time”, “Prothrombin Time”, “APTT”