Centre for Excellence in Orthopedic

Centre for Excellence in Orthopaedics

AAYUSH Hospital strives to address the issue of upholding health rather than just addressing critical care. We have embarked on this with the concept of “Centre for Excellence”. These are holistic centres to address a person’s concerns on a particular area from the minutest details to major surgical interventions.

Our First “Centre for Excellence” is in “Orthopaedics” and we feel proud to announce that we have strong and qualified doctors to address this speciality department with all the advanced technology and overall setup. These days’ people are more prone to issues in the joints and other musculoskeletal level. We are equipped to address them and bring many advanced international practices home to deliver best results.

Our Centre for Excellence in Orthopaedics deals in the following Joint Replacement, Arthroscopy, Spine Care, Reconstruction or Repair, Fracture and Rehabilitation.

Joint Replacement:

Joints may get damaged due to disease, injury or simply the process of aging. As the joint wears away, patients experience pain, stiffness and swelling. Total joint replacement is one of the greatest surgical advances of the last century which returns patients to a normal & active lifestyle.


Arthroscopic surgery is performed for diagnosis as well treatment of a variety of conditions involving different joints. The advantage of arthroscopy over traditional open surgery is that the joint does not have to be opened up fully. The results are more likely a faster recovery, reduces hospital stay and less scar.

Spine Care:

This branch of Orthopaedics deal with the treatment of back and spine. This includes comprehensive surgical treatment of back and specialises in Spinal Surgery, Spinal cord injury, Spinal tumours, back pain treatment, cervical lumbar disc issues and every other spine related problems.


Aayush Hospital provides diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation to patients with degenerative arthritis and also inflammatory arthritis. The advantage here is that there is less damage to both bone and the soft tissues, it preserves nerve and blood vessels of the patient and better success rate over the conventional procedures.


It is the most common type of injury which needs to be attended on top priority. Fractured bones need to be placed back in position and held there to ensure quick healing. There can be either minor fracture or major fracture. For any type of fracture, Aayush Hospital is equipped with Trauma Care, Diagnostic centre for quick diagnosis, etc to keep the situation under control.


Whenever you are recovering from stroke, surgery, joint replacement or from any injury, all you need it to regain and rebuild your strength. Aayush Hospital provide custom-designed one-on-one recovery technique to every patient. A team of trained and specialised staff is dedicatedly available and working towards patient’s quick recovery.